Matilha Cultural (literally a pack of 'cultural dogs') is a non‐profit and independent cultural center located in São Paulo downtown.
Formed by an interdisciplinary and multi‐skilled team, Matilha is prepared to support and promote cultural production as well as
social and environmental initiatives and human and animal rights advocacy from independent groups in Brazil and abroad.
As a philosophy, Matilha promotes political debates focusing on environmental, human rights and animal protection as well as
supports independent artistic movements. More than a cultural center, it is also a convergence area for ideas and actions aiming the common good. With information, activism and culture, Matilha contributes for a more conscious and FREE society.
All events and activities happening in Matilha are free or at affordable prices. With cutting‐edge and political content, Matilha programming is always followed by debates, lectures and workshops to consolidate the democratization of knowledge. To ensure our financial sustainability, Matilha seeks
public funding for its projects, and locates its facilities for private events. Support the independent cultural centre in São Paulo downtown by holding an event with us. ;‐)
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